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Shruti Ghosh | Game Developer & Art Director

Shruti Ghosh | Game Developer & Art Director

Shruti has an abundance of experience, in excess of ten years no less, as an artist working within the video games industry. This is no mean feat, especially in a male dominated workplace and industry. She rose through the ranks quickly gaining the respect of her colleagues. 

She has worked on titles such as EA Burnout Dominator, VC Arts - Fantastic Four, EA mobile games - Bejeweled Blitz, Tetris Blitz, Monopoly Slots and numerous other projects. Shruti obtained a degree in fine/traditional arts, combining her love and passion for both she set her sights on a career within the video games industry. 

Shruti’s area of expertise is creating stunning and memorable environments, yet she is able to lend her accomplished talents to characters too. All of which can be seen in the numerous titles she has contributed towards as both an environment and character artist. 

Presently Shruti started her own independent video game studio called Nodding Heads Games with a handful of passionate friends which promises to put India on the game development map. Raji - An Ancient Epic is the studio's first project which has a unique flavour that is set in an ancient Indian universe. Raji made its debut on the prestigious Nintendo Indie World Showcase and released later on PC and other consoles. Raji went on to win numerous awards and nominations including the nomination for Best Debut Game for The Games Award. You follow a young girl called Raji (protagonist) who’s going through an emotional and epic journey facing various demons both figuratively and literally within a rich Indian and Balinese inspired mythical universe in battles to save her little brother.

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