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Rajita Shah | Producer

Rajita Shah | Producer

Rajita loved mythology as a child, and always wanted to work in the film industry. Growing up in a small town in India, it didn’t seem possible that a woman could work in such a profession, but film provided a wonderful escape from everyday life. Her dad, an amateur photographer, bought her a camera and she realised she was good at gathering groups of friends and shouting at them to make short films! Rajita moved to Bombay at the age of 16 to pursue her dream, before studying at the School of Visual Arts in America. As one of only two Indian people at her university, in male-dominated classes, it was a challenging time, but her passion for filmmaking endured.

While she initially wanted to be a director, she soon realised producing better suited her talents. After moving to London to study her Masters she started making films as a freelance producer before setting up her own company, Miraj Films in order to tell the stories she wanted to tell. Her first big film at Miraj was Zohra: A Moroccan Fairy Tale, directed by Barney Platts-Mills, and in 2020 her film Love Sarah, starring Celia Imrie, provided a big breakthrough moment.

Rajita is thrilled to receive recognition from BAFTA. She loves to champion women and promote diversity within the industry, and hopes this platform will help her push forward with new projects telling important stories. She’s currently working on a film about the history of women’s football in the UK and a screen adaptation of Amit Patel’s autobiography Kika & Me. 

Rajita’s Breakthrough credit is feature film Love Sarah

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