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Prano Bailey-Bond | Director/Writer

Prano Bailey-Bond | Director/Writer

Prano has always been obsessed by film. Growing up, she loved her parents’ VHS collection featuring everything from David Lynch to the Marx Brothers and Monty Python, and would re-watch the same films while drawing and painting. After enrolling on a performing arts course, she was given her first opportunity to direct a play, and became intent on becoming a director, but in film rather than theatre. Teaching herself how to edit, she began making short films on her own before starting a course at the London College of Printing.

Learning her own style as a filmmaker, she graduated as a sound designer before becoming a runner at a post-production house. There she was working as a freelance editor while still making shorts in her own time. Prano has always been interested in horror adjacent stories about strange, dark, beautiful characters, making the antagonist the protagonist in her work.

Her debut film Censor began life as an idea in 2012, which she started to develop in 2016, before its release in 2021. Its success is still sinking in for Prano - she feels like she’s in a strange dream, but she’s thrilled with the response at Sundance, the Berlinale and beyond. She’s now working on new projects and is looking forward to making the most of the support and mentorship BAFTA Breakthrough has to offer as she prepares for her hotly anticipated second feature.

Prano’s Breakthrough credit is feature film Censor

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