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PC Williams | Costume Designer

PC Williams | Costume Designer

From a young age, PC was keen to find a career telling stories, and she let the universe guide her towards costume design. Having studied drama, art and politics, she knew she’d end up either arguing for a living, or dressing people, and the latter seemed like the better option! It’s a labour of love for PC, who has always been fascinated by clothing and obsessed by the subliminal conversations we have through the way we present ourselves. She has never conformed in her personal sense of style and loves using garments to create stories.

After working as a stylist for music artists, she began using her eye for TV and has worked on a string of exciting projects. Designing for Channel 4 series We Are Lady Parts has been a breakthrough for PC - she describes the show as her best opportunity to design work that really has her personal stamp on it, creating wardrobes for second generation migrants in a way that authentically honoured the characters’ heritage and London influences.

PC is thrilled to be part of the BAFTA Breakthrough scheme and says she still can’t believe she gets to play dress up for a living. She has just wrapped on an HBO project, alongside a feature film and is ‘always on’, doing what she calls ‘the best job in the world’. PC loves tapping into youth culture and creating an emotional connection with the audience through clothes. She also treasures the opportunity to support young black designers in her work.

PC’s Breakthrough credit is TV series We Are Lady Parts (Channel 4)

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