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Palomi Ghosh | Actor

Palomi Ghosh | Actor

Whenever asked ‘How did you decide to become an actor?’, Palomi replies, ‘I didn’t!’. As an undergraduate student of Applied Math in North Carolina, a theatre elective in senior year piqued her interest in acting. After graduating, she took a trip to Bombay with the thought of exploring this new found love some more, intending to return to her Math job in time. Little did she know her stint would last much longer.

One of her first major projects was a Jazz film based on the lives of musicians from Goa in the 60’s called Nachom-ia Kumpasar. It won her the National Award (President’s Award) for acting, reassuring her that performing arts was the way forward. Key projects to follow were Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding (The Musical) at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, the series Typewriter on Netflix and soon to be released feature film Tryst with Destiny which won best screenplay at Tribeca Film Festival 2020. Palomi is a 2017 alumni of the prestigious Berlinale Talents. She is also a singer. Serendipitously, projects closest to her have been connected to music; directly or indirectly. 

Being chosen as a BAFTA Breakthrough honoree is quite literally…a breakthrough! That BAFTA, the prestigious home of the giants of cinema, acknowledges and supports her as a performer through their generous program is something dreams are made of. She is thrilled to be one of the first few chosen from India and hopes to foster this relationship through enriching cross-cultural exchanges and narratives.

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