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Georgi Banks-Davies | Director

Georgi Banks-Davies | Director

Georgi knew she wanted to work in film from the first moment she stepped inside a cinema, aged four. When she was six, she started playing with a Super 8 camera, and she has been directing ever since.

After studying at Newport Film School, she went to the BBC for a traineeship, shooting short films, and directing commercials on the side. While she had her sights set on features, a successful trip to Sundance with her short film Garfield opened her eyes to the opportunities for directors in TV, who were contributing to a golden age of small screen drama with autonomy and vision.

Georgi compares reading the initial scripts of breakthrough series I Hate Suzie to being given a gift - she instantly fell in love with the show’s inventive storytelling and made an early decision to be bold and brave in bringing the series to screen. It was her first TV directing project but the acclaim was huge, with Georgi winning a BAFTA and countless plaudits. She expected the show to trigger ‘marmite’ reactions, but is so proud of how it was received.

Georgi says it’s incredibly humbling to be included in Breakthrough UK, and is excited to be ‘let in with the cool kids’, praising the scheme’s alumni. She’s currently working on her first feature film, as well as an ambitious new Amazon Prime series - a sci-fi coming of age tale for young women called Paper Girls.

Georgi’s Breakthrough credit is TV series I Hate Suzie (Sky Atlantic / HBO Max)

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