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Akshay Singh | Writer/Producer

Akshay Singh | Writer/Producer

Akshay has always gravitated to the magnetism that lies, rumours and hearsay bring to stories. He wrote through his formative years - small fictions and reportages, but only when he read a friend’s screenplay did he realize what the medium could give him for his scattered interests to speculate, challenge and unsettle expectations of reality. He got to hone and shape his craft at NFTS where he did a Masters in Screenwriting with the generous assistance from M.S. Farsi Scholarship for the Arts. 

Marrying forms of drama with a world of non-actors and enclosed communities, Akshay wrote and produced the low-budget features - Mehsampur, a wild and irreverent film about a documentary filmmaker reigniting a tragedy to facilitate his failed film, and The Gold-Laden Sheep and The Sacred Mountain, a mystical adventure film about a Shepherd’s search for a crashed pilot in the Upper Himalayas. Both were hits in the festival circuit and gave Akshay an understanding of the ecosystem of film making in India. He has continued his pursuit of vernacular stories from the hinterland with Aiz Maka Falea Tuka, a supernatural mystery film set in Goa’s interiors and Bugyal Boys, a coming-of-age thriller set in the mountains around Nanda Devi. Both the films are in post-production and are set to finish in 2021.

On engaging with his friend’s collection of games, Akshay revelled in the immersive and visceral experience that narratives bring to games and is keen to explore ways in which to bring his screenwriting craft to games in Indian narratives.

Akshay is thrilled about being a BAFTA Breakthrough. He is curious to learn from the mentors at BAFTA and build a network of peers across film, television and games. He wants to use his opportunity with BAFTA to develop his ideas and take them out to the world. 

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