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Daniel Fountain | Games Designer

Daniel Fountain | Games Designer

Daniel says he was the luckiest kid in school growing up; his dad reviewed games for newspapers, so the latest consoles and titles were always around the house.

He realised pretty quickly that making his own games was the most exciting job he could imagine, and so from school went to study Interactive Media at Bournemouth University. Daniel’s lecturer introduced him to the team at State of Play Games, and after graduating he joined the company as their first ever programmer. Daniel was given the freedom to design his own game, and came up with Kami – a puzzle game that reached the number one slot in both the UK and US iPhone appstore.

After five years in the industry, Daniel is still excited by the fact that he can create something out of nothing; that a handwritten idea can be coded into a gaming experience that people enjoy. He particularly loves trying to get to the bottom of how people think – to come up with a title that challenges the player without frustrating them, and that surprises them by doing things a little differently.

Having just launched his own games studio, Daniel describes this as a very exciting time in his life. Looking back on what he’s learned, he’d encourage people to be bold with their ideas, and to spend as much time creating as possible.