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BAFTA Crew Code of Conduct

By accepting my place as a participant on BAFTA Crew, I agree to:

1. Pay the participant fee within the specified time frame

2. Participate reasonably in the programme through attending events, networking and contributing to learning activities and initiatives (where appropriate)

3. Allow BAFTA staff to contact me to keep me informed about BAFTA activities and initiatives;

4. Behave in an appropriate manner and treat with courtesy all Academy staff and employees, fellow participants and anyone else that I encounter (whether in person, in writing or on the telephone), as part of my participation in the programme, in accordance with the Anti-Bullying and Harassment Principles outlined below.

5. Behave in a professional manner at all events including; refraining from soliciting guest lecturers, participants in Q&A sessions, BAFTA members or other participants to accept scripts, or any other business materials.

6. Respect the rules of all individuals, companies, or organisations who put on screenings, Q&A sessions and other events, on the understanding that these are private events to which Academy members and Academy guests are invited for voting or educational purposes, and not a right of participation;

7. Be responsible for the behaviour of my guest(s) at 195 Piccadilly and at any screening or event held elsewhere on the Academy's behalf to which I am invited

Any participant seen to have broken this Code of Conduct in any way will be subject to review and may face disciplinary action, including suspension or termination of their place on BFI NETWORK x BAFTA Crew, in accordance with the rules and constitution of the Academy.

Crew Facebook Group Standard of Use
This is a space for all participants on the programme to freely network and share their work. Please note that this is the only official networking space administered by BAFTA. 

This is an invitation-only group for selected participants to share questions, ideas and discussion.

The programme is geared towards professional networking. Please do not post unpaid or ‘expenses only’ opportunities to this group. All jobs should meet the National Minimum Wage.

You may find this group useful to ask questions, seek recommendations, or to post a recommendation for an individual or service, however BAFTA will remove outright negative or offensive comments as part of building a positive, welcoming community.

Some of you may want to Friend Request other group participants at some point, but please be sensitive to the fact that some will want to keep their involvement professional only. There is no expectation on behalf of the programme that participants should accept these requests.

Joining this group does not affect your Facebook Privacy settings. Other participants in the group can see no more of your profile than the general public. If you’re concerned about how much you might be sharing, we refer to this:

If you believe a post or comment from a participant is not following the group standards as outlined above and in the Code of Conduct, please report it to the team via Facebook’s reporting function.

Anti-Bullying and Harassment 
In 2018, BFI and BAFTA outlined a Set of principles to tackle and prevent bullying, harassment and racism in the screen industries. These Principles aim to eradicate such abuse and all forms of discrimination regarding a person’s protected characteristics which are unethical and against the law. They can also help employers meet legal requirements and offer a shared vision to promote and maintain a safer, more inclusive working environment for everyone working within the screen industries. 

Please take a moment to remind yourself of these Principles. If you are concerned about the behaviour of a participant on the programme, please email [email protected] All matters will be kept strictly confidential.

You may wish to meet fellow participants to discuss opportunities for collaboration. While current meetings may take place online due to Covid-19, we advise any future face to face meetings to take place in a suitable public environment, and somewhere where both parties feel comfortable - ie. an office or coffee shop.