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Anahy Portillo

Anahy Portillo


Anahy was first introduced to BAFTA while she was a student attending George Washington Preparatory High School. Since then she's participated and excelled in the BAFTA-NYFA Filmmaking Program and the Righteous Conversations Project at Harvard Westlake in 2018. She is a creative with interests in working in hair and makeup, costume design and writing like her hero Jordan Peele. Anahy wants to tell stories about people's struggles around the world and use her voice to raise the consciousness of her community. 

High School: George Washington Preparatory High School

Favorite Film: Venom 2

Favorite place in Los Angeles: Universal Studios

Best Tacos in Los Angeles:  El Gavillan

Anahy's theme song of 2020:  My Future - Billie Eilish