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Monster Tour with Gareth Edwards in Glasgow

3 November 2010
(Pic: BAFTA/Camille Sales)BAFTA/Camille Sales

On 3 November 2010; BAFTA in Scotland welcomed up and coming film maker Gareth Edwards to the Glasgow Film Theatre where he spoke about creating his film, Monsters.

Since the film's debut screening at Cannes in 2010, Monsters has received considerable critical acclaim and Edwards has been widely applauded for achieving impressive special effects on a micro-budget.

Throughout autumn 2010, BAFTA teamed up with Edwards and several regional partners to take the film on tour across the UK. Audiences in Glasgow were shown a pre-release screening of the film followed by a Q&A session with Gareth in which he spoke about the challenges of creating the film and offered advice on the film making craft.

The 'Monster Tour' was also took place in Nottingham, Cardiff, Bristol and Newcastle.

Gareth Edwards 'Monster Tour' Features:

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