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Breakfast Bytes with Ashmi Elizabeth Dang

Ashmi Elizabeth Dang

On 18 April BAFTA New York's Breakfast Bytes series, hosted by the BAFTA NY’s Digital and Social Media Committee, had the honor and pleasure of having Ashmi Elizabeth Dang, Director of Social Marketing at Showtime, as our featured guest.

Not only is Ashmi an active and enthusiastic member of BAFTA New York, she Is also one the top social media experts in the business as well as a frontrunner on social TV marketing (Google her!).  We had a great turn out and a lively conversation.  Ashmi talked about how “social” in terms of marketing went from being a backwater and after thought consideration in a marketing plan to where it is today, with its own departments and budgets at media companies.  We also touched on how social is part of a media professional’s personal brand and the importance it can hold for job seekers in the industry.  Ashmi showed us some of her team’s work on the launches of Showtime franchise series and we even had a sneak peek into the social launch for their upcoming series “Twin Peaks.”  It was clear this conversation went in many different directions which only suggests we need to have Ashmi come back!