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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for all BAFTA New York members.

The Code of Conduct for all BAFTANew York Members is in two parts.  The overall BAFTA Code of Conduct for all Members and the Sub-Code which is determined by the BAFTA New York Board.

BAFTA Code of Conduct for All Members Download Here

BAFTA New York Sub-Code Download Here

BAFTA New York Sub-Code for Members in Good Standing as of November 5, 2015

In addition to adhering to the overall Code of Conduct of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (the “Academy”) and the Academy Campaigns Sub-Code of Conduct, every member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts New York (“BAFTA New York”) will abide by the following Sub-Code specific to the New York branch.

Application and interpretation of the Sub-Code of Conduct will be determined by the Board of BAFTA New York in its sole discretion. Any member not adhering to these principles and policies may be subject to review by the Board and may face disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, suspension or termination of their membership, in accordance with the By-Laws of the Academy and, additionally, as defined in this Sub-Code of BAFTA New York.

In the event of a discrepancy between the overall BAFTA Code of Conduct and the Sub-Code of BAFTA New York regarding conduct and penalties related to BAFTA New York events, the Sub-Code shall prevail.

Comments or questions may be brought to the attention of BAFTA New York in writing, by email, or by telephone, directed in the first instance to the appropriate Committee Chair.  Members may also contact the Chairman or Chief Executive of BAFTA New York, with comments or questions at any time.

Every member of BAFTA New York will, at all times:

  1. Pay their dues within two months of their renewal date. It is the responsibility of the all Members to ensure that they have renewed in a timely manner and to contact Membership at- [email protected] with enquiries or questions.

  2. All current Members will receive a Membership card which must be presented upon request by BAFTA staff and for check in purposes for all BAFTA New York events. 

  3. BAFTA New York Mmembership cards are identified by a photo ID and will be replaced from time to time. They are updated electronically upon membership renewal. Members will only receive new cards if lost or stolen. They Cards may not be altered or duplicated, nor loaned or given to other parties including family members, friends, or members of the press.  Lost Membership cards will be replaced once only at no charge.  Subsequent replacement cards will incur a fee of $20 per replacement.

Screenings and Other Events

The Academy’s screenings and events program is designed to provide Members with the best possible viewing experience for voting and educational purposes. For this reason, we ask Members and their guests to abide by the following rules:

  1. Members are asked not to register for a screening unless they are reasonably certain that they will attend.

  2. Members may book for themselves and one guest unless otherwise stated.  Bookings are non-transferable, and unaccompanied guests are not permitted.

  3. Members must cancel their booking (including guest tickets) by 12pm midnight of the day prior to the screening or event (unless otherwise indicated).  This affords other Members the opportunity to take the canceling Member’s place.

  4. Members who miss three (3) screenings without cancelling within a thirty (30) day period will be suspended from registering for screenings for thirty (30) days.

  5. In order to ensure a full house, the Wait List for the event will be opened forty-eight (48) hours before the screening and these seats will be filled on a first- come, first- served basis.

  6. BAFTA New York is committed to a policy of punctual commencement of all screenings. To insure that our screenings accommodate the greatest possible number of Members and permitted guests, and, as is customary with virtually all other screening procedures, some screenings are overbooked.  Members are thus reminded to always arrive as early as possible, as seating is on a "first-come, first-served" basis.  So that seat availability is equitably shared, Members may save only one seat for a guest or friend.

  7. Seating is not guaranteed.

  8. The check-in desk for all Members will close five minutes before start time to allow everyone to find a seat.  If the check-in desk has closed when a Member arrives, that Member will be counted as a no-show. Members may not request that their name be checked off on the reservation list after the check-in desk has closed.

  9. Latecomers will not be admitted.

  10. Attendees should not disrupt or disturb the viewing experience of others. Therefore:

    • Mobile phones and electronic devices must be switched off completely throughout the screening (and for screenings followed by a Q&A, throughout the duration of the interview) or event.

    • There should be absolutely no talking during screenings.

    • For screenings, attendees should remain in their seats until the end of the closing credits. For screenings followed by a Q&A, Members and their guests should remain for the duration of the interview.

  11. The use of cameras or recording equipment of any kind is strictly prohibited at screenings and events without the prior authorization of BAFTA New York. Any notes or authorized photographs or recordings taken during an event cannot be published in any form without prior authorization by the BAFTA New York.

  12. Participants at Q&As are guests of BAFTA New York and should be treated with the utmost respect.

  13. Many screenings are held in private theatres.  Please observe the venue policies with respect to eating and drinking as indicated through signage or verbal request.

  14. In order to preserve high standards, we ask Members to actively enforce the above rules.  Please contact Membership ([email protected]) if you witness inappropriate behavior or any conduct in contravention of these rules. Any Members who break these rules will be contacted by the Academy and disciplinary action may be taken. 

  15. The Board may empower the Screening Committee has been authorized to impose an immediate suspension of screening privileges for a documented violation of the Code of Conduct including the refusal to comply with a request or instruction from the [main] Screening Committee volunteer at a screening or similar discourteous behavior.  Such, which suspension shall take place immediately but the.  Notwithstanding such immediate suspension, a suspended Mmember shall still be entitled to notice and a hearing as provided herein.

For Full Members For the purposes of voting for the British Academy Awards, BAFTA provides distributors with a mailing list of voting Full members for distribution of materials such as screeners and screening invitations. “Screeners” includes both material sent to members on DVD, and material made available online for streaming or downloading. Voting members of BAFTA in New York agree to abide by the Academy’s Code of Conduct regarding screeners. A member who does not exercise his or her vote may not be eligible to receive screeners in the future.