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Event: Scholarship BreakfastDate: 24 September 2015Venue: BBC America

The full list of BAFTA New York committees and their missions.

Film and Television Committee

Co-Chair (Film): Joyce Pierpoline
Co-Chair (Television): Peter Gaffney

MISSION: To develop and manage an exciting and dynamic program of screenings throughout the year. Through the Screening committee, develop relationships with studios, distributors and PR companies to introduce BAFTA New York Members to the widest range of new studio and independent films, Q&As and film themed events.

Contact: [email protected]

Learning Inclusion & Talent Committee

Chair: Patrick Connolly
Vice Chair: Susan Margolin

MISSION: To Inspire and empower today the new talent of tomorrow.

Our mission is to support and encourage emerging talent, provide opportunities for enrichment, education and build a diverse community inclusive of all stakeholders. The Committee seeks to foster the next generation of talent through scholarships, mentorships, community outreach, education and screenings, student film awards, scholarship alumni programs and other initiatives.

Contact: [email protected]