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The Favourite - Winners' Acceptance Speech, Production Design, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2019

10 February 2019

Winner's acceptance speech by Fiona Crombie and Alice Felton for The Favourite in the Production Design category 

FIONA CROMBIE:  So thank you so much to BAFTA.  We're truly honoured to be recognised for our work and from our peers.

We're going to break protocol.  We're really worried that we're not going to have enough time.  So I just want to thank the love of my life, Peter Knowles, somewhere over here, and Una, Orlando, and my parents, Donald and Judith.

ALICE FELTON:  I am forever grateful to my husband, Adam Ackland.  My children, Art, Lola and Jacob.  My parents and Melanie, who have supported me every step.  My beautiful and creative friend, Fiona Crombie.  I thank you for having me in your life.

We have never been alone on this journey.  We were blessed with a small but outstanding team.  Our team brought their brilliance every day and we wish they were here with us on this stage.  

FIONA CROMBIE:  Thank you to Yorgos for granting us the freedom to create and invent and play, and thank you to Fox Searchlight, Film4 and our producers for making films like The Favourite.

ALICE FELTON:  We would like to dedicate this BAFTA to every woman and working mother who keeps it together and makes it happen.