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Roughhouse - Winners' Acceptance Speech, British Short Animation, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2019

10 February 2019

Winner's acceptance speech by Jonathan Hodgson and Richard Van Den Boom for Roughhouse in the British Short Animation category 

JONATHAN HODGSON:  Thanks very much, everyone.  Quite a surprise.  

I just wanted to say -- not very much, but thank you to everybody who helped.  This film took 15 years to make.  It's a 15-minute film.  And a lot of people helped with it.  I wanted to thank everybody on the team, not just in the UK, but in France.

This film could not have been made without France.  The people in France who believed in this film, that helped us with this film, to finance this film -- and what can I say?  At this time, we need Europe more than ever.

RICHARD VAN DEN BOOM:  Well, as a French producer, when we saw the project, what we saw was a British film.  That is really what we wanted to make, a British film, with a British accent, British music, British location, British actors, and this is what we have done, and we are very proud of it.

JONATHAN HODGSON:  Thanks, everyone.