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Whiplash - Winner acceptance speech, Editing, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2015

8 February 2015

Winner acceptance speech by Tom Cross for Editing

Winner acceptance speech by Tom Cross for the Editing category


TOM CROSS: Wow. I am going to put this down. I want to thank the British Academy for honouring Whiplash with this award. I, in accepting this, I truly stand on the shoulders of giants tonight and those giants include my assistant editor, John Towe and his assistant Eugene Lock, but also, you know, the entire cast and crew of Whiplash, specifically Miles Teller and J K Simmons. JK, without you and Miles I would be editing insert shots of sweaty snares and bloody hands going into buckets of ice but most of all I need to thank the writer and director Damien Chazelle.  Damien, you are god's gift to film editors and, Damien, you shot the movie in 19 days and, you know, the hours were long and the schedule was the most ridiculous schedule that I have ever had but working with you, sitting in the cutting room was pure joy. Thank you so much for this gift of collaboration and London, thank you for making my night.  I will never forget this and to my wife Holly, my children Nova and Peri back in America, you made my life. Thank you so much. Good night.