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The Theory of Everything - Winner acceptance speech, Adapted Screenplay, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2015

8 February 2015

Winner acceptance speech by Anthony McCarten for Adapted Screenplay

Winner acceptance speech by Anthony McCarten (The Theory of Everything) in the Adapted Screenplay category


Anthony McCarten:  Thank you, wow, best adapted screenplay or as we call it best unoriginal screenplay.  Thank you, Eric, for that joke. ‘Who are we? Why are we here? When we know this, it will be the ultimate triumph of human reason, for then we will know the mind of God.’ These were the immortal words of Professor Hawking.  I read this in 1989 along with 10 million others.  I was so inspired by him, I thought someone will make a movie about him one day and never thinking I would have any function in there. Then I read Jane Hawking's unflinching, honest, heartbreaking book and I thought we must make a movie about this. 


I want to thank the entire cast and crew.  I will thank you collectively.  I want to especially mention the alchemist in chief, James Marsh.  I want to thank Working Title, Universal, Focus Features, especially Eric for saying that unsayable word, ‘yes’.  Lisa Bruce, my stalwart ally in the trenches.  I want to thank my agents ICM, especially Craig Bernstein and I want to thank my family, my dear family, who have allowed me to go off and run into the wild blue and don't complain. I want to thank Eva, who doesn't think I will say this so I am going to do it: I love you.  Thank you very much.