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The Lego Movie - Winner acceptance speech, Animated Film, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2015

8 February 2015

Winner acceptance speech by Chris Miller and Phil Lord (The Lego Movie) for Animated Film

Winner acceptance speech by Chris Miller and Phil Lord in the Animated Film category


Chris Miller:  Thank you this is awesome. 

Phil Lord:  This is very unexpected, it is a beautiful award.  It is like a Halloween mask for a one eyed child.  

Chris Miller:  You guys win the award for best academy.  

Phil Lord:  You are our favourite academy by far.  

Chris Miller:  This is clearly the most fun I have ever had in an opera house by far also.  We need to thank so many people: Warner Brothers, the Lego Group, Animal Logic, our incredible cast and crew of 370 film makers, including Chris Makay and Dan Lynn; the ladies in our life, Rob and Irene, our families, my kids.  

Phil Lord:  This is the end of the awards road for us.  The good news though is we can say whatever we want tonight.  There are no consequences, there is no one left to impress and there is nothing to lose so this is what we really think.  We are very grateful and very proud.  Thank you guys very much, good luck and godspeed. Thanks.