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Basquiat ‑ Rage to Riches - Winners' Acceptance Speech, Specialist Factual, Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards in 2018

13 May 2018

Winners' acceptance speech on behalf of the production team for Basquiat ‑ Rage to Riches in the Specialist Factual category

DAVID SHULMAN: Gosh.  I think we're both a bit incredulous.

Thank you very much.  This is extraordinary.  It's extraordinary to have had the incredible opportunity to make a film about an artist who broke barriers on a world historic level, and that is a very unique opportunity, and it's been said how the team is everything in filmmaking, and this is an extraordinary example of that.

Janet Lee, who is being particularly shy right now ‑‑ I don't understand this at all ‑‑ is the executive producer, who is a phenomenal, extraordinary executive producer, who always has the back of the filmmaker and always wants the absolute strongest film possible.

There's the dynamic duo at the BBC of Mark Bell and Adam Barker, who are an extraordinary team who, from the very outset, from the very commissioning of this thing, wanted the very best film and would give their very best feedback at the absolute last minute of post‑production, and that was always appreciated.  The quality and the timing of their feedback was always brilliant.

The list of people to thank. There's Jonathan Page, who was the assistant producer.  Lennaart Van Oldenborgh, who was the editor.  Both worked extraordinarily hard and selflessly on the project.

Eleanor Nairne, who was the curator of the Boom for Real exhibition at the Barbican, helped get this project off to an absolute flying start.  It was something near and dear to her heart for a number of years.

And a particular, tremendous thank you to Lisane and Jeanine Basquiat, who had never before agreed to talk about their brother in a documentary before.  They trusted us to make this film and that is just an extraordinary thing. So thank you, BAFTA, and Janet, thank you. 

JANET LEE: No, thank you, David, and thank you, BAFTA.  I'm amazed.  Thank you.