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Sally4Ever - Winner's Acceptance Speech, Scripted Comedy, Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards in 2019

12 May 2019

Winner's acceptance speech for Sally4Ever in the Scripted Comedy category 

JULIA DAVIS:  I know everyone says this, but honestly, there's no way I thought this was going to happen.  So thank you so, so much.  

Thank you to BAFTA.  Thank you to Sky Atlantic, HBO, the editors who worked tirelessly on this.  And most of all, thank you to the absolutely brilliant cast in the show.  They're all wonderful friends and brilliant improvisers and amazing people.  So thank you.

Yes, that's -- yes.  Sorry.  I was going to say -- oh, yeah, also, thanks to my little boys, Arthur and Walter.  Here is Mumble Jumbles, as they call me, and thank you to Lindsey for looking after them.

Thanks to Val, I forgot.  I'm sorry.  I'm just very shocked.  But thank you very, very much.  Thank you.