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Roger Deakins- Winner's Acceptance Speech, Cinematography, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2020

2 February 2020

Winner's acceptance speech by Roger Deakins for 1917 in the Cinematography category  

ROGER DEAKINS:  I think it was George Orwell who said all films are equal, but some are more -- no, all films are special, but some films are more special than others, and for me this was a really special film.  Not only thank you to Sam for involving me in it and giving me this challenge, but it was special for the crew that I was working with, some of them here tonight up there.

I want to just mention a few names.  

My wife, who worked on this film, and as I live with her, I know how hard she worked on the film.

My focus puller, who is actually American and I've worked with him nearly 30 years, Andy Harris, but you'll never notice his work until he makes a mistake, and I can't remember when he made a mistake.  Maybe in, like, 1996, I think.  But on one take, maybe.

And I would like to thank the two wonderful operators, Peter Cavaciuti and Charlie Rizek -- Charlie, who got his British citizenship two weeks before we started shooting.  Charlie.

I would like to thank Gary Hymns.  Gary Hymns and the wonderful grip crew, and John Higgins, Biggles and the wonderful electrical crew.  You won't find their names high on the list in IMDb.  You might search for them to find their names, but thank you.  This belongs to all of you.  Thank you.  And BAFTA, thank you.