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Blue Planet II Mother Pilot Whale Grieves - Winners' acceptance speech, Virgin TV's Must-See Moment, Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards in 2018

13 May 2018

Winners' acceptance speech on behalf of the production team for Blue Planet II in the Virgin Must‑See Moment category

MARK BROWNLOW: Thank you so much for this BAFTA and for to the audience for voting for us.  This series would not have been possible without the passion and dedication of our extraordinary production team and the bravery of our underwater crews.

We, over four years, launched over 125 filming expeditions, spent over 6,000 hours underwater, often in testing conditions, and thank you to our extended family and friends for putting up with all that.

I've got more to say.

I want to thank BBC One.  Charlotte Moore and Tom McDonald for all their guidance and support.  The BBC Studios and Natural History Unit.  James Honeyborne, our executive producer.  We wish you were here tonight, but best of luck with the imminent arrival of your new baby. Have I forgotten anyone?

I would like to thank Hans Zimmer for his epic film score, but lastly, I would like to thank the inspiration to us all, Sir David Attenborough. 

DAVID ATTENBOROUGH: Thank you very much.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.  Thank you very, very much indeed.

I speak, I think, for all of us.  We set out to try and show the seas, the oceans, for what they are.  Their beauty, their wonder, their splendour, their intricacy, but also the truth about what we're doing to them.  And the fact that that one particular moment which you've just seen rang a bell in the minds and the consciences of people throughout this country is something that pleases all of us more than I can say.

Thank you very much indeed.