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Three Girls - Winners' Acceptance Speech, Mini-Series, Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards in 2018

13 May 2018

Winners' acceptance speech on behalf of the production team for Three Girls in the Mini Series category

SUSAN HOGG: Thank you so much.  Thank you to everybody at Studio Lambert and everybody at the BBC who supported us to make this incredibly difficult programme. I would just like to acknowledge everybody else who was on this list because those other dramas were also absolutely superb.

The cast and the crew were the most committed and the most dedicated of any cast and crew that we've ever worked with, and a lot of them are here tonight.  That's because they were inspired by the courage of the real people who shared their stories with us and fought so desperately hard for justice, and Nicole wants to say something else.

NICOLE TAYLOR: To Sarah Rowbotham, Maggie Oliver and the real Three Girls and their families. If people came to this programme, it's because of you.  You stood up in court.  You went to the police.  You smacked down doors in pursuit of what now seems a basic truth, that there's no such thing as a child prostitute, only a child who is being abused.

To the thousands of girls in the scores of towns who have been made to feel like you're not deserving of protection, and to all the Maggie’s and all the Sarah’s, who lost your careers and nearly lost your minds trying to get them heard, thank you. This is for you.