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Maryam Mohajer- Winner's Acceptance Speech, Short Animation, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2020

2 February 2020

Winner's acceptance speech by Maryam Mohajer for Grandad Was a Romantic in the British Short Animation category

MARYAM MOHAJER:  Don't break.  Don't break.  

Thank you.  Thank you so much, BAFTA.  I owe this to my late granny; to a late brother, for always having a great story to tell me and for always listening to my strange silly stories; to my beautiful parents, who would have loved to celebrate this with me, only my mum's visa application got rejected; to my husband, my friend, my partner, without your love and support, and your patience, I wouldn't be here.

My amazing team: Tanera Dawkins, the beautiful composer, who is here somewhere; Fonic, Barnaby Templer, Sue Harding, amazing job; Maya Naraghi, the young voice artist of the film, who is also my daughter, and has been coping quite well with having a low-budget independent filmmaker for a mum.  

I'll dedicate this award to people of Iran.  They deserve better.

Thank you.