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Mark Jenkin, Linn Waite and Kate Byers- Winner's Acceptance Speech, Outstanding Debut, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2020

2 February 2020

Winner's acceptance speech by Mark Jenkin, Linn Waite and Kate Byers for Bait in the Outstanding Debut category

MARK JENKIN:  Hell up, as we say at home.  

I had a look at a to-do list at the beginning of the week, and about halfway down it said, "Write a BAFTA speech, just in case".  And I thought, "How the hell did we get here?"  If you pardon the clumsy segue, it was on the back of a lot of other people's hard work.

So, to start with, Linn Waite and Kate Byers, fantastic producers of the film.  Our amazing cast and crew, many of whom are having BAFTA parties back home in Cornwall.  I won't pick anybody out -- well, I am going to pick some individuals out, partly because they are here, but Ed Rowe, who is here, whose amazing central performance carries a lot of the weight of the film.  Simon Shepherd, fantastic performance, and I would never have met that wonderful man if it wasn't for this film, and Mary Woodvine, who -- I'm going to cry -- is also my partner and is brilliant in the film, as she is in life.

You are going to have to feed me some information in a minute.

Also just to say thanks to the BFI, BFI Distribution, who decided that a black and white, 16-millimetre, hand-processed, post-synced film in Academy ratio about Cornish fishing people was a commercial proposition.  I certainly will be forever thankful.  

Thanks also to Kodak, the School of Film and Television in Falmouth, and the Festival Agency.

Thank you.  Meur ras, as we say in Cornwall.  Cheers.