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Jamie Demetriou for Stath Lets Flats- Winner’s Acceptance Speech, Male in a Comedy, Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards in 2020

31 July 2020

Winner's acceptance speech by Jamie Demetriou for Stath Lets Flats in the Male in a Comedy category

JAMIE DEMETRIOU: Thank you. [Unclear 00:00:15] Okay. This isn’t weird, it isn’t weird.

Okay, so I want to first off congratulate my other nominees. I think any of us could have happily won them, I mean that from my heart. Youssef’s incredible in Home, and I've had the privilege of working with Ncuti and Guz, and at any given time, I guarantee they're the funniest person in the room they're in – no offence to anyone else who’s in those rooms.

I want to thank my agents, Kitty Laing, Charlotte Davies. I want to thank my parents for not being annoyed with me for being crap at school, and for their love. I want to thank Channel 4, Ian, Fiona, Jack; Jon Petrie, who started this whole thing with me and kept it going until now; Ash Atalla and Robert Popper for your faith; Seb Barwell and Tom Kingsley for just giving everything to this, and being the other two legs of the tripod on this whole thing.

This show doesn’t – my character doesn’t work, my performance doesn’t work without the other cast, so I want to thank my amazing sister, Natasia, who’s the heart of the show. I want to thank the amazing Al Roberts, who I just worship [unclear 00:01:18]. Just everyone. Katy, Kiell, Christos, Ellie, Dustin; and finally, I want to thank my dear friend Charlie Burkins for getting me to do comedy when I was trying to be the bad boy of musical theatre when I was 21. Thank you for saving me some embarrassment, thank you.