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Interstellar - Winner acceptance speech, Special Visual Effects, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2015

8 February 2015

Winner acceptance speech by Paul Franklin & Scott Fisher (Interstellar) for Special Visual Effects

Winner acceptance speech by Paul Franklin & Scott Fisher (Interstellar) in the Special Visual Effects category


PAUL FRANKLIN:  Thank you.  This is quite amazing.  It is fantastic to be here in this amazing celebration of film making at BAFTA tonight.  I want to thank our fearless leaders, Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas for letting us go crazy on some of the most extraordinary imagery I have ever been involved with.  To Professor Kip Thorne, for telling us how to do it and blowing our minds at the same time.  To Warner Brothers and Paramount, to my producers Anne Podlozny and Kevin Elam.  To all our teams at Double Negative, New Deal Studios, our special effects team in the United States and of course to my amazing and beautiful wife for putting up with me disappearing into the fifth dimension for a year and a half.  To our sons Ivo and Seth and our daughter Freya, the magic bracelet worked. 


SCOTT FISHER.  How did you know we were going to get it when Mr Hawkings was here to present it?