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Ida - Winner acceptance speech, Film not in the English Language, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2015

8 February 2015

Winner acceptance speech by Pawel Pawlikowski for Film not in the English Language

Winner acceptance speech by Pawel Pawlikowski for Ida, in the Film not in the English Language category


Pawel Pawlikowski:  This is fantastic.  This award, I once won a BAFTA for the best newcomer and then one for the best British film and now for the best foreigner, so I think we should just skip the formalities and give me a lifetime global achievement award.  So I would like to thank all these people, the three producers, well, three and a half.  And my co‑writer Rebecca Lenkiewicz, this is for Piotr Dzieciol, Eric Abraham Ewa Puszczynska and Christian Husum, and all the collaborators in Poland whose surnames are so long that I would run out of time.  But I especially would like to thank the guy who was nominated for best photography, Lukasz Zal. It was his first film and he did a fantastic job, so thank you very much and I would also like to dedicate it very quickly to Chris Collins who was a wonderful British producer who died recently.  He gave me a and a lot of film makers who are very eccentric and difficult to finance and to handle, he gave us a lot of encouragement and he was the most noble and most decent guy I have met in the film industry, so Chris I am missing you here. Thank you.