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Free Solo – Winners’ Acceptance Speech, Documentary, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2019

10 February 2019

Winner's acceptance speech by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin for Free Solo in the Documentary category 


Thank you to our fellow nominees.  It has just been an incredible year for nonfiction films and we're honoured to be part of it.

Thank you Alex Honnold -- where is Alex? -- for inspiring us with your courage and demonstrating that anything is possible if you work really hard to achieve it.  So thank you, Alex.

Thank you National Geographic for believing in us and taking this leap of faith, and also for hiring women and people of colour, because we do make the films better. 

JIMMY CHIN:  Thank you to our incredible producers, Evan Hayes and Shannon Dill, who suffered through this with us.  

I have to thank my incredible wife, co-producer, co-director.  You're brilliant.  And she had our second child two months into production.  Talk about a working mom.

I just have to say that we are so fortunate to be able to work in places like Yosemite, places that give us inspiration and meaning and purpose, and we hope that this film is a reminder why, and it's so important to advocate and protect our wild places.  

Thank you so much.