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First Dates - Winners acceptance speech, Reality and Constructed Factual, House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards

8 May 2016
House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards Logo

Winners acceptance speech by Nicola Lloyd, Fred Sirieix and the team from Twenty Twenty for First Dates

Nicola Lloyd: Oh my goodness, thank you. Thank you so much BAFTA, we’re really surprised. We’re in series five of 24 episodes, we just did 24 episodes and we haven’t won anything at all yet so we probably feel a little bit like Leo did at the Oscars right now so.

I just want to say a few thanks yous, thank you especially to Channel 4, in particular Jane Hunt who always believed in this series and allowed us to take it to I think where we’ve taken it right now. Our amazing creative and joyful commissioning team, [inaudible] who we adore.


Thank you. Thank you to our amazing boss Jim Carter at Twenty Twenty and my incredible team which is just huge and they care deeply about finding matches and people finding love which is brilliant, and thank you to Fred, Fred and the restaurant team who we adore.

Fred Sirieix: I could see the number there it's going 30, 29, 28 i think it's like hurry up we've only got 30 seconds for the speeches. 

I remembered those two girls there because one of them, their strap that fell off and had to come up with some Cellotape and strap it up and that’s apparently saved the date.

I mean, the only reason why I am doing First Dates is because it’s a good programme, it’s made by good people, it’s got good intent. And its only produced, I mean obviously Nicola is amazing in the editing room and she can make wonders there, but she can only edit what’s there. 

I really enjoyed it, its been a great learning curve for me..  and its going again, 25 seconds, I’ll be very quick.


But one thing is that it reminds me of what’s important in life, in business, in love is to have a clear vision, you know, common values, make a lot of effort and of course compromise and that’s what we’ve been doing. It’s been amazing to work with this team, and thank you very much. We hope to get pissed – thank you.