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Daisy May Cooper - Winner's Acceptance Speech, Female Performance in a Comedy Programme, Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards in 2018

13 May 2018

Winner's acceptance speech by Daisy May Cooper for This Country in the Female Performance in a Comedy Programme category

DAISY MAY COOPER: Sorry, I had to take my shoes off because I was in absolute agony. 10 quid from eBay, these were.

God.  I just want to say a massive thank you to Shane Allen, the incredible Mason sisters, Simon Mayhew‑Archer, Tom George.  My partner, Will, who I got engaged to two days ago.  My wonderful mum and dad.  Viv, Shaz, Nicolina, Deb and Emma, and ‑ yes, just thank you so, so much.  And oh, yeah, Charlie. Thanks.