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Boogaloo and Graham - Winner acceptance speech, British Short Film, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2015

8 February 2015

Winner acceptance speech by Michael Lennox, Brian J Falconer and Ronan Blaney for British Short Film

Winner acceptance speech by Michael Lennox, Brian J Falconer and Ronan Blaney in the British Short Film category


Michael Lennox: Thank you so, so much for this, this is an unbelievable honour for me and the team and I can say this for everyone back home in Northern Ireland. We so proud to be from Northern Ireland, especially at this time when the film industry is going so, so well and thank you to everyone who voted for us.  Absolutely, amazing, complete legend.  


Brian J Falconer: I am Brian, the producer, I want to thank you all for having us.  It is amazing and I want to thank Northern Ireland Screen, we couldn't have done this without them, and for my part in this I dedicate my part to my beautiful fiancee, Marian, who is out there somewhere so thank you. 


Ronan Blaney: This is a film about chickens, so this is for my chickens Rebecca and Rachel and Hannah.  


Michael Lennox: Thank you so much.