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Bong Joon-ho- Winner's Acceptance Speech, Film not in the English Language, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2020

2 February 2020

Winner's acceptance speech by Bong Joon-ho for Parasite in the Film not in the English Language category  

BONG JOON-HO:  First of all, thank you so much.  I think our team, me included, have come the longest way to be here tonight.  

I would like to send a round of applause for all the great, amazing, beautiful films that were nominated in this category, Pain and Glory, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The Farewell, For Sama.

This film would not have been possible without the great actors who formed the perfect cast ensemble for this film.  Song Kang Ho, one of the greatest actors of our generation, is here with us today.

And I would like to thank my producer, Kwak Sin Ae, who worked with me on this film for the past five years, who has been my partner throughout this journey.  She is also here with me today.  Thank you to her.

Thank you to everyone at BAFTA, and please enjoy the evening.  Thank you.