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Luca Malacrino

Luca Malacrino



Luca has worked on over 30 projects, including works such as Distant Vision, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, starring opposite Paul Sorvino, Grey's Anatomy, Jim Carrey's I'm Dying Up Here, and as the recurring Andrea Abbruzzi in Britain’s beloved Coronation Street. Luca was named last year's Rising Star at the Westfield International Film Festival and is proud to be a part of the BAFTA Newcomer’s Program.

As well as acting, Luca has understood the need and importance of creating original content. He started a production company called The Chameleon Effect with co-producer/writer Alex Hanno, successfully creating an award-winning Pilot, Served and Feature Film, Elephants in their first year. They are currently getting ready to shoot their next feature, A Social Contract.

He uses his business and life experience from owning nightclubs at the age of 20 to motivate and drive himself within the industry.