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Student Film Awards 2014

21 May 2014
Student Film Awards 2014

BAFTA Los Angeles is pleased to announce that the 2014 award was presented to Annie Silverstein for her film Skunk. In a rare double-win, Annie was also recipient of the Special Jury Prize.

The annual event recognizes the best Student Short Films of the year, and was held in Hollywood on June 19, 2014.

A student from the University of Texas at Austin, Annie's film won the Membership vote after her film was screened alongside the other 8 finalists.

The Special Jury also selected Skunk to receive the Special Jury Prize. Our 2014 Jury comprised of renowned Cinematographer Ousama Rawi (The Tudors, Borgia and Pirates of Silicon Valley), actor James Frain (True Blood, The White Queen, 24, The Tudors), Production Designer Alex McDowell (Fight Club, Minority Report and Man of Steel) and veteran Variety editor Tim Grey

The Student Film Awards celebrate the very best of international student filmmaking.

This year marked the first time some of the best film schools outside of Southern California were invited to participate. Entries included applicants from Stanford, Colorado Film School, the University of Texas at Austin, Vancouver Film School and 35 other reputable film schools across the western United States.

Skunk was selected alongside a very strong line-up of finalists, selected by a Membership Jury who viewed the 57 entries submitted by Film Schools from across the United States.

Our other finalists were: 

  • The Boy Scout by Patrick Brooks, UCLA
  • A Different Tree by Steven Caple Jr., USC
  • Interstate by Camille Stochitch, AFI
  • Learning to Float by Brendan Calder, LMU
  • Omelette by Madeline Sharafian, CalArts
  • One Inch From Flying by Will Suto, San Diego State University
  • Random Stop by Benjamin Arfmann, UCLA
  • Yamashita by Hayley Foster, LMU

This is an important event for BAFTA Los Angeles, celebrating and supporting the new generation of filmmaking scholars and represents an important part of the mission to support, promote and advance the artforms of the moving image. 

BAFTA Los Angeles congratulates Annie, and all of our finalists, and we look forward to welcoming her to our upcoming events and programs as we support her career development.

BAFTA Los Angeles Student Film Awards 2014