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Rosalinda Larios

Rosalinda Larios

Recipient of the 2017 BAFTA High Flyers Scholarship

Sophomore, University of Southern California

Rosalinda is one of the best examples of how the filmmaking process can develop confidence and life skills. When we first came in contact with Rosy, as she is known, she was quiet and shy. Within a year, she was commanding a film set, laying out a distinct and powerful vision for her films and leading her fellow students through the process. She has participated in multiple BAFTA-NYFA Filmmaking Programs and interned at the BAFTA Los Angeles office in 2017.

Rosalinda likes to tell stories that describe the place she comes from and how it is to live in the “hood”. She can see herself being a film director and a script writer - creating stories and directing them the way she pictures them in her head. She also wants to be a dentist and plans to pursue majors in both Dental Hygiene and Cinematic Arts. Long term, she wants to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, using her dental expertise on the side.