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Newcomers Program 2020 Participants

16 November 2019

BAFTA is pleased to announce the 2019 participants for the prestigious Newcomers Program. 

Since last year’s expansion to include international talent beyond the U.K., BAFTA Los Angeles has become a hub for international rising talent in the U.S., and the program continues to further deliver BAFTA's mission to promote cultural exchange and strengthen global collaboration, with its most international group yet. This year, participants hail from across the globe, with representation from the U.K., Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa and Turkey.

Since the program launched in 2007, the initiative has recognized the long and fruitful legacy of U.K. talents moving to the U.S. to expand their knowledge, develop their skills, and expand their network of peers. After its expansion to include international talent, the program has prospered under the distinctiveness of BAFTA Los Angeles and its instrumental influence in a city that boasts a hub of diversity and welcomes people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Twenty-five individuals were inducted into the program this year to bring the total participants on the four-year program to 71. The combined group is 52 percent female and includes actors, directors, producers, screenwriters, composers, cinematographers, executives, art directors, production designers, animators, editors and publicists. 

Click here to meet our Newcomers Program participants. 

“We have cast our net far and wide to bring on board the best international talent in Los Angeles and feel sure their careers will rise and thrive under BAFTA's careful guidance. We are delighted to welcome them into our Los Angeles family,” said New Talent Committee Co-Chairs, Sandro Monetti, Louise Chater and Peter Morris.

Each Newcomer receives access to BAFTA membership events and specially curated New Talent Events aimed at supporting both career development, and the transition to living and working in the U.S. The program includes professional networking opportunities, peer matching with others who have recently moved to the U.S., curated educational programming including BAFTA Briefing sessions, and access to BAFTA’s wider professional development event schedule including the BAFTA Insights series.