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Elvina Duru

Elvina Duru

Recipient of the 2018 BAFTA High Flyers Scholarship

Freshman, Cal State Long Beach

Elvina moved to the US from Nigeria at age 15 and immediately came to our attention as a student of exceptional intelligence and dedication. She has participated on the Righteous Conversations Project at Harvard Westlake and has twice completed the BAFTA-NYFA Filmmaking Program. Elvina likes to tell stories about her personal experiences - specifically the social, academic and emotional changes she overcame as an immigrant.

She plans to major in Biomedical Engineering and minor in Film and Electronic Art. Her longterm ambition is to be become a well-known filmmaker and a gynecologist. She wants to build a foundation that helps empower girls in Nigeria who have a love for filmmaking, where female filmmaking is discouraged and seen as a mediocre occupation. In her spare time, Elvina likes watching Korean dramas and YouTube makeup Tutorials.