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Inner City Holiday Party - Volunteer and Toy Drive

19 November 2013
BAFTA Los Angeles

Once again, BAFTA Los Angeles will be partnering with several local groups to host a festive Inner City Holiday Party on December 21, 2013.

We are currently accepting donations of new toys in their original packaging that will be distributed to disadvantaged children from our inner city community, as part of this special community day.

Why does BAFTA Los Angeles do this? Over the years, our collaborative work on screenings and events in the area has resulted in a genuine shift in community dynamics, cooling tensions and providing safe venues for children to watch and learn about film. This holiday event is a wonderful way to celebrate the year with our neighbors, and solidify this important relationship.

In 2012, our toy drive for the event was met with an unprecedented response from our members - around 2000 toys were donated or procured, valued at around $14,000. Our goal is to surpass this in 2013.

our collaborative work on screenings and events in the area has resulted in a genuine shift in community dynamics...

As well as donations, some 30 Members (and their children) came down to the park to volunteer for the 2012 event, helping with registration, face painting, prize giving, among other things.

This year's event reminded us all of the unique depth of our members' volunteering and charitable spirit, and was a powerful example of the difference BAFTA Los Angeles can make in our community.

Inner City Holiday Party 2012BAFTA Los AngelesSnow in Los Angeles Inner City Holiday Party 2011A Better LANigel Lythgoe joins forces with a well-known festive icon...

!How YOU can help...

DONATE TOYS: We invite all members to donate toys and gifts this season, including gifts suitable for both younger and older children. Any contributions can be made directly to the BAFTA Los Angeles offices, or at any upcoming Screening prior to the party on December 21st
Contact BAFTA Los Angeles to find out more

DONATE YOUR TIME: Details of the event will be available shortly, and of course, all BAFTA Los Angeles Members are invited to join us on December 21st. We are also accepting offers of help from volunteers on the day, so if you have time to spare or talents to contribute please let us know: Contact BAFTA Los Angeles and Volunteer

BAFTA Los Angeles is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation. If you would like to make a personal donation to our organization that will directly help us present programs such as this, we invite you to donate.

We thank the generosity of our Members and Friends for their support throughout the year.