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BAFTA Los Angeles Committees

7 February 2012

With our Board now in place, BAFTA Los Angeles is inviting Members who are interested in serving on the various Committees that operate alongside the Board of Directors to contact us.

Our Committees consist of volunteer Members who have relevant skills, innovative ideas, and bring a fresh, unique energy to help expand our activities and mission. Our website includes a list of our various Committees and their mission statements.

If you are interested in serving on a BAFTA Los Angeles Committee, please provide us with details of your area of expertise, experience, and an overview of what you feel you can offer to our organization. We are looking for Members who can bring creative new ideas to the table, and most importantly, have the capability and energy to help make them a reality.

For full details, please visit visit our Committee page.

You can submit your information via the online contact form and your details will be passed to the respective Committee Chair(s) for their consideration.

We look forward to your support and contributions in 2012.