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Application for Los Angeles Committee Member

The Board of Directors determine the strategy and the direction for BAFTA Los Angeles, while it is our Committees and Staff who are tasked by the Board to deliver many of the programs and events within our overall mission. BAFTA Los Angeles committees are comprised of members of our Board, Staff, and volunteers from our BAFTA Los Angeles Membership. 

If you are a contacting a Committee to indicate your interest in serving, please include details of your background, areas of expertise, and specific examples of how your skills can benefit our organization. This will help our Co-Chairs to better evaluate the needs of the Committee. Members will be selected to join a Committee based on the areas of expertise needed to fulfill the Committee's goals and mission. Therefore, while we appreciate all offers of interest, we will not be able to accommodate every request to join a Committee. Committees operate on an annual basis, and are formed each year shortly after the Board of Directors election.

Please select the sector in which you work most regularly.
Please select which BAFTA Los Angeles Committee(s) you would like to be considered for.