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Inside Games Arcade 2015

9 December 2014
Inside Games Arcade 2015

Are you an up and coming game developer? Want to exhibit your work at BAFTA's Inside Games Arcade in 2015? Read on to find out more about the event and how to apply...

The Inside Games Arcade is a curated games exhibition held on the day of the BAFTA Games Awards - in 2015, the exhibition will be running as part of BAFTA's activities across all three days of EGX Rezzed. The Arcade will feature a playable selection of inspiring and engaging games, and aims to celebrate and highlight the exciting diversity of videogames experiences, genres, platforms and ideas created by developers in Britain today. The Arcade is open to UK-based development teams of any size or level of funding, and provides a fantastic opportunity to show your game to a new audience.

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If you're a game developer and would like to have your work considered for exhibition in the Inside Games Arcade, register and apply here. It is free to submit a game and BAFTA will be able to provide exhibition equipment and screens in most cases, although BAFTA cannot cover travel or accomodation costs.

The submission deadline is Monday 2 February.

Apply here to submit your game for exhibition in the Inside Games Arcade