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BAFTA's various committees oversee key areas of the organisation's work across Film, Games and Television.

Sector Commitees


For individual biographies and more information about the Film Committee, click here.


Isabel Begg
Simon Chinn
Alexandra Derbyshire 
Asif Kapadia


Riz Ahmed
Nainita Desai
Fiona Lamptey
Sharon Martin
David Proud


Joanne Hartley
Anna Higgs (Deputy Chair)
Marc Samuelson (Chair)
Clare Stewart
Alison Thompson 




For individual biographies and more information about the Games Committee, click here.


Claire Boissiere
Nick Button Brown
Des Gayle
Leanne Loombe
Tara Saunders (Deputy Chair)
Jo Twist (Chair)
Catherine Woolley


Jodie Azhar
David Gould
Todd Green
Matt Jeffery
Elle Osili-Wood
Dave Ranyard
Simon Smith
Callum Underwood

Karl Stewart (BAFTA LA)


For individual biographies and more information about the Television Committee, click here.


Lara Akeju
Elizabeth McIntyre
Sara Putt (Deputy Chair)
Ade Rawcliffe
Beryl Richards

Fatima Salaria
Nicky Sargent
John Strickland
Hannah Wyatt  (Chair)
Claire Zolkwer


Sarah Asante
Becky Cadman
Katie Player
Lucy Willis
Hilary Rosen

Committee Advisors

Adeel Amini
Dan Maynard
Paul Gilbert 

Other Committees

Learning Inclusion and Talent Committee

The Chair of the Learning Inclusion and Talent Committee is elected from the members of the Sector Committees. The rest of the committee is co-opted.

Ade Rawcliffe (Chair)
Adeel Amini
Annie Wallace
Beryl Richards
Cherylee Houston/Melissa Johns
Clare Stewart
Des Gayle
Donna Taberer
Elizabeth McIntyre
Fiona Lamptey
Gilly Cohen

Hilary Bevan Jones
Jennifer Smith
Jodie Azhar
Marcus Ryder
Nahrein Kemp
Nick Button-Brown
Samantha Tatlow
Sara Putt
Simone Penant 


For individual biographies and more information about the Children's Committee, click here.

Helen Blakeman

Beryl Richards (Representative of Television Committee)
Alexandra Derbyshire (Representative of Film Committee)
Nick Button-Brown (Representative of Games Committee)


Faraz Osman
Orion Ross
Adam Tyler
Alexi Wheeler
Lucy Murphy

Cecilia Persson
Helen Bullough
Louise Bucknole
Joe Talbot
Phil Chalk



John Smith (Chair)
Amanda Berry
Lisa Perrin
Kevin Price
Pippa Harris
Louise Robertson

Hilary Strong
Jillian MacLean
Stephen Maher
Medwyn Jones
Harvey Elliot
Maggie Semple
Michael Sherman


Maggie Rodford (Chair)
Louise Anderson
Maeve Butler
Tricia Duffy
Niall Duffy
Sally Beard
Clare Brown
Sophie Deveson

Sarah Hayes
Tim Hunter
Erin Lee
Keith Lodwick
Fiona Maxwell
Simon McCallum
Arike Oke
Mark Pomeroy
Kevin Price

Finance & Audit Committee

Paul Taiano (Chair)
Jeff Cotugno
Andrew Curtis
Philip Cross
Colin Howes
Adam Hurst
Paul Luke
Pete Modeste
Estelle Overs
Peter Samengo-Turner
Beverley Tew

Branch Boards & Committees