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TV Preview: Dial M for Middlesbrough

Friday, 6 December 2019 - 7:00pm
The May Fair Hotel, Stratton Street, London, W1J 8LT
A preview of the series’ feature-length third instalment followed by a Q&A with director Ed Bye, writer Jason Cook and actors Sian Gibson, Joanna Page and Sally Lindsay

Gold’s UKTV Original Dial M for Middlesbrough sees Gemma (Sian Gibson) and Terry (Johnny Vegas) thrown into jeopardy when their coach breaks down in the middle of a fierce thunderstorm whilst they’re on their way to collect Mildred (Sheila Reid) and Hilda (Georgie Glen) and take them to a funeral in Middlesbrough.

Our intrepid duo are forced to seek refuge in Shady Creek Caravan Park, a mysterious and sinister place that seems to strike a particular terror in an unusually jumpy Gemma. Here we meet an eclectic mix of characters including site owners Evie (Sally Lindsay) and Jed (Phil Davis), extraordinarily clumsy Chef Susan (Joanna Page), Events Manager and ‘90s throwback Darren (Jason Donovan), drop dead gorgeous American tourist Chad (John Macmillan), and long-term park resident Edna (Annette Crosbie). More recently arrived on the scene are holiday prize-winners (if you can call them that) Phil (Jason Forbes), who struggles to get a word in while his other half Penny (Ambreen Razia) struggles to stop words coming out, and excitable birdwatchers Neil (Mike Wozniak) and Mary (Selina Griffiths), all of whom are causing quite a stir.

The UKTV Original was commissioned by UKTV's head of scripted Pete Thornton and ordered by director of commissioning Richard Watsham and Gerald Casey, channel director for Gold.

It is written by Jason Cook (Murder on the Blackpool Express, Death on the Tyne) and Ed Bye will return to direct. Executive producer is Andy Brereton (Murder in Successville, Crackanory) for Shiny Button.

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