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2015 Sargent-Disc BAFTA Filmmakers Forum

The Sargent-Disc BAFTA Filmmakers Market on Sat 5 July 2014 at 195 Piccadilly. A day of masterclasses, panels, screenings and advice sessions aimed at helping emerging filmmakers improve creative and business skills as they progress in the industry.BAFTA/Jonathan Birch
Saturday, 11 July 2015 - 10:00am
BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, London

Bookings have now closed. On Saturday 11 July, BAFTA 195 Piccadilly will throw open its doors to emerging filmmakers for a day of masterclasses and panels with some of the UK’s major film industry organisations, plus free one-to-one sessions with industry experts, aimed at helping emerging filmmakers improve their creative and business skills.

In all sessions, our speakers will be sharing their experiences, insights into their creative and business approach and offering an outlook on the British and international film industry for first and second time features.

Networking Breakfast
10:00 - 11:00
‘Would Like To Meet’ hosted by Mad Dog Casting

​Kick off the day with a spot of networking with Mad Dog Casting at ‘Would Like To Meet,’ a breakfast for for all ticket holders to get to know each other over a morning coffee. Don’t forget to grab your goody bag before the day starts, featuring the latest news and advice from the day’s partners.

11:00 - 13:00
Sara Putt Associates present CV Clinic: Places are free on a first-come, first-served basis to ticket-holders - Please note that these sessions are now fully booked, please email to be added to the waiting list.

Talent agency Sara Putt Associates return to the Filmmakers Forum for one-to-one CV speed workshops. Nicola Lees has worked in media industry for almost 20 years. After starting out on radio, she moved onto TV production in the Specialist Factual Department at the BBC, specialising in factual development. She currently runs an innovative career development scheme for Sara Putt Associates that helps diverse new entrants to film and TV drama develop the social and business skills they need to survive as freelance crew.  Nicola also runs, a website that provides industry intelligence to help TV professionals and filmmakers get their ideas commissioned.

You can pre-book your place by emailing [email protected] with CV Clinic in the subject line.
Please let us know your name and a mobile number and we’ll email you back with a time. Please note, we can provisionally book a place on a first-come, first-served basis but you must be available 20 minutes before your session to reconfirm your place.

Creative Forum: Princess Anne Theatre Sessions

12:30 - 13:45
Based on a True Story        BOOK TICKETS HERE

'Be very truthful as opposed to very factual and you’re gonna end up with a better script' Susannah Grant (Erin Brockovich), Screenwriters’ Lecture Series, BAFTA Guru.

True stories of extraordinary real lives and times are more popular than ever before. Join this panel of BAFTA-nominated filmmakers behind Pride, Philomena, Northern Soul and X+Y as they discuss drawing on real life to tell big screen stories for their debut. Whether you are working with researchers and contributors to help flesh out your idea, dramatising a true story, drawing from your own life or scouring headlines: this panel aims to help you find and shape your big idea.
Jeff Pope (Writer, Philomena, producer Cilla, Mrs Biggs, Appropriate Adult)
Stephen Beresford (Writer, Pride)
Morgan Matthews (Director/Writer, X+Y)
Elaine Constantine (Director/Writer, Northern Soul)
Kate Rowland 

14:15 - 15:30
The Re-Draft       BOOK TICKETS HERE

'My intentions are shifting and complex and often at odds with each other. And if I know what they are, and watch them closely as they slip and slide all over the place, I have a better chance of putting something honest into the world.' Charlie Kaufman, Screenwriters’ Lecture Series, BAFTA Guru.
From first draft to shooting script can be a long process for new writers, directors and producers, so join this interactive session to examine two case studies of this crucial stage of a project’s journey.
Cecilia Frugiuele (Producer, Appropriate Behaviour)
Desiree Akhavan (Director, Writer and Actress, Appropriate Behaviour)
Juliette Towhidi (Writer, Testament of Youth)
Rosie Alison (Producer, Testament of Youth and Executive Producer Paddington for Heyday Films)


16:30 - 18:00
British Council Presents In Conversation with Lone Scherfig BOOK TICKETS HERE

How do you create a distinctive style and voice as a filmmaker? BAFTA-nominated director Lone Scherfig (An Education, One Day, Riot Club), who last year became the first woman to deliver the prestigious David Lean Lecture, joins the Filmmakers Forum for a personal insight into her creative processes, how she collaborates, crossing over from her native Denmark to helming critically acclaimed British films. What has she learnt from her years as a filmmaker? What would she do differently if she was re-making her first feature? Join us for this not to be missed session which touches upon some of the key discussions across the day.
Briony Hanson (Director, British Council Film)

Business Forum: The David Lean Room Sessions

11:15 - 12:30
The Production Guild presents Managing Production on Independent Films       BOOK TICKETS HERE

The Production Guild host a session looking at how to manage independent feature film production, covering the planning, production and post-production stages.
The experienced independent feature film panel will cover: how to judge and analyse the scope of your film and its audience; how to keep an eye on the money and quality assurance during production and how to manage the post production process and deliverables. This session is designed for independent film producers.
Terry Bamber (First AD, My Angel, A Christmas Star)
Christopher Granier-Deferre (Executive Producer, Une Recontre and Producer, Le Weekend, Gone Too Far)
Gisela Evert (Post Production Supervisor, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, The Enfield Haunting, London Road)
Clare Cahill (First AD, Art Ache, The Turtle and the Sea, Gridiron UK)
Peter La Terriere (Completion Guarantor, European Film Bonds)
Alison Small (Chief Executive, The Production Guild)

13:00 - 14:15
RADA Presents – Casting your Film       BOOK TICKETS HERE

Your script is ready, you know your budget, now you need to find your perfect cast. Whether you’re looking for your leading actors, building a character ensemble or hoping to lure established talent to take the leap of faith for your project, this panel aims to answer your questions on the casting process, working with trained and untrained actors and the art of street casting.
Casting Director, Des Hamilton (Nymphomaniac, Melancholia, This is England)
Update Director, Tom Harper (Misfits, Peaky Blinders, The Woman in Black)
Actress, Phoebe Fox (The Hollow Crown, The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death)
Paul Brannigan (Under the Skin) 
Chair: Edward Hicks (Head of Film, TV and Radio at RADA)


14:45 - 16:00
Producer Masterclass: David Thompson       BOOK TICKETS HERE

‘A good producer is someone who is creating and protecting the space for the other talent to do their best work’ - Andrew Eaton, BAFTA Guru.

Three-times BAFTA, Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning producer David Thompson, (director of Origin Pictures and former head of BBC Films) joins the Filmmakers Forum for a personal session on his process and craft in shepherding a story to the big screen, looking at how to create the best environment for a screenwriter and director to work, raising funds, navigating festivals, distributions and release.
David has produced/executive produced over 100 films. His feature credits include X + Y, The Crimson Petal and the White, Billy Elliot, Dirty Pretty Things, Notes on a Scandal, Revolutionary Road, Fish Tank, Eastern Promises, An Education, Bright Star and Men Who Stare at Goats.
Over his career, David Thompson has made a special contribution to introducing the work of new directors such as Pawel Pawlikowski, Lynne Ramsay, Andrea Arnold, Saul Dibb, Dominic Savage, Sarah Gavron, Francesca Joseph, Justin Chadwick and Nick Murphy. 
Gavin Humphries (Creative Skillset and Producer)

Meet The Pros: Sponsored by Technicolor

This year, Technicolor presents ‘Meet The Pros’, a unique opportunity to hear from top craft professionals about their experiences on some of the most successful UK productions this year. Over the course of the day, we’ll be joined by individuals and teams working in costume, editing, production management, make-up and editing and sound and visual effects all of whom will offer a creative insight into their daily work processes, together with tips and ideas for short and feature filmmakers and how directors and producers can get the best out of their teams. Open to just 50 people, the Craft Forum will be an intimate space for open discussion and exchange.

11:15 - 12:15
Sara Putt presents: Getting the best out of your Crew       BOOK TICKETS HERE

Join top craft agent Sara Putt as she hosts a panel with three of the most important creative collaborators for any director; DoP and Editor. This session will aim to provide new filmmakers with an insight into how to these crucial collaborations should work, with tips on professionalising your creative approach in prep and on set and how to realise your vision with the best creative support in the business.
Chris Wyatt (Editor: The Falling, ‘71, Dancing on the Edge)
Ole Bratt Birkeland (DoP: Utopia, Da Vinci’s Demons, The Missing)
Sara Putt (Sara Putt Associates)

12:30 - 13:30
Unpacking the sound of ‘71       BOOK TICKETS HERE

'In low budget films, good sound offers a great opportunity of suggesting a greater scale or depth to a picture by hinting at things not actually seen on screen.' Paul Davies, Sound Designer.

In this session, Paul Davies and his sound team discuss their work processes and creative decisions behind one of this year’s most successful British features, the BAFTA-nominated ‘71. Paul and his team will offer advice on collaborating with your team successfully, what stage you should bring your sound team on board, and key tips for first feature directors when working with a sound team.
Paul Davies (Sound Designer)
Jens Peterson (Dialogue Editor)
Andrew Stirk (Re-recording Mixer)
Mariayah Kaderbhai (Film Programme Manager, BAFTA)

13:45 - 14:45
The VFX Landscape with MPC.        BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE

MPC VFX Supervisor Adam Valdez (Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Maleficent) and VFX Producer Marianne Speight (Casino Royale, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy) will discuss why visual effects are such an important tool to bringing a filmmakers vision to life, and outline the creative scope of work available. 
With 35 years experience between them, they will offer their expert knowledge on everything from enhancing practical effects and set extensions to creating complex simulations and full CG characters.
Ian Hadyn-Smith (Editor, Curzon Magazine)

15:00 - 16:00
Designing your Film       BOOK TICKETS HERE

'As long as you weave the tapestry of believability and surround everyone in the bubble of this world, you can take license.' Eve Stewart, Production Designer Les Miserables.
As a director, what is the best way to communicate your ideas to ensure that your creative vision is realised on screen? We invite leading craft professionals from the design department: costume and production design to discuss how they collaborate to help the director achieve and define the look and feel of the film.
Kave Quinn (Production Designer: Far from the Madding Crowd, The Woman in Black)
Jane Petrie (Costume Designer: Suffragette, ‘71)
Mariayah Kaderbhai (Film Programme Manager, BAFTA)

The Roundtables

From developing your note-taking skills as a new writer to approaching co-production or making your first feature sustainable, Meet the Pros is an intimate opportunity to gain tips directly from leading industry organisations and professionals on a range of subjects.

11:15 - 12:15
BBC Writersroom presents Script Notes – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly      BOOK TICKETS HERE

How do you handle notes you don't agree with while staying true to your vision?  Head of BBC Writersroom and producer for Holby City, Casualty and EastEnders, Anne Edyvean, offers insights into the development process and why it’s essential, when both giving and receiving notes, to keep an open mind.
Additional speakers:
BAFTA-winning writer Peter Bowker (Marvellous)
Beth Pattinson, BBC Films

12:30 - 13:30
Green your Film
Powered by Albert+       BOOK TICKETS HERE

Whether embedded editorially or practiced during production, there is surely nothing sexier than promoting the planet. This drop-in sustainability workshop will uncover common pitfalls and opportunities for filmmakers.
You can get further involved by submitting your film idea in advance for discussion by emailing [email protected]. Be sure to include whether you plan to build a set, film in the studio or on location, how you will be powered and your materials you plan to use.
Jeremy Mathieu, Sustainable Production Advisor, BBC
Anna Ringuet, Eco Supervisor (Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens)
Laurence Sargent, Director, Sargent-Disc

13:45 - 14:45
Box Office Trends with Charles Gant       BOOK TICKETS HERE

Guardian Columnist and Heat Magazine Film Editor, brings his popular weekly box office blog to the Filmmakers Forum. At a glance it may look like bad news for independent low budget films, in a world of mega budget sequels and superhero franchises dominating the market, but unpicking the headlines to look at screen averages and unexpected hits and misses, this panel will focus on British and low budget films that out-perform expectations and key trends in the independent sector.

15:00 - 16:00  
Creative Europe Co-production Case Study        BOOK TICKETS HERE 

Creative Europe is the European Union's programme to support the cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors. In this session, presented by Creative Europe Desk UK, we will explore some of the benefits, challenges and opportunities around feature film co-production both within Europe, and beyond. You’ll hear from experienced producers who will provide case studies of some of their recent co-production experiences so that you can approach this complicated area with confidence and avoid some of the common pitfalls.  
Christine Alderson, Ipso Facto Productions (Snow in Paradise, Valhalla Rising and Soul Boy)
Francesca Walker, Industry Relations Coordinator, Creative Europe Desk UK 

16:00 - 18:00 One-to-Ones in BAFTA Member's Lounge: Places are free on each of the below sessions on a first-come, first-served basis to ticket-holders

Back for another year are our 15 minute speed sessions, giving you a chance to ask questions about your project.Sessions are free on each of the below sessions on a first-come, first-served basis and you can pre-book for each session by emailing [email protected]
Please let us know your name, a mobile number and the session you are interested in and we’ll email you back with a time. Please note, we can provisionally book sessions but you must be available 20 minutes before your session to reconfirm your place.

Funding and training opportunities with Film London - Please note: This session is now fully booked, please email to be added to the waiting list.
Now open for applications, Film London's acclaimed training-through-production scheme Microwave is back to fund the capital’s most talented filmmakers. Microwave challenges teams to deliver a feature on a production budget of £150,000, with additional funding and training to support development and distribution. With a first slate including BAFTA nominees Shifty and Lilting, Microwave is now set to produce up to six features over the next three years, with two new projects already commissioned. Book a one-to-one session for advice on applying to Microwave, as well as their London Calling shorts fund, Build Your Audience distribution training and Micro Market.

Mad Dog Casting presents Casting Extras and Walk Ons
Do you need a 500 strong crowd in a 16th-Century battle scene? An authentic 5 piece punk band for a music film? Or a Cantonese speaking 30 year old male for a medical drama? On a budget it is essential to get your extra requirements just right for the scene to work without affecting your bottom line. Join Vikki from Mad Dog to chat through your project’s key background casting needs to create tailored advice.

ThinkSync presents Sourcing and Budgeting your Soundtrack
Thousands of words have been written about the complexities of licensing music for use in a film, click here for an example. Fortunately any filmmaker will usually only encounter one or two obstacles per film and overcoming these need not be impossible providing they are tackled early enough. So join ThinkSync for this session, designed to help you understand the issues involved and how to overcome them.

Story Campus presents Pitch First Feature - Please note: This session is now fully booked, please email to be added to the waiting list
Story Campus will be holding a series of fifteen minute one to one meetings where filmmakers will be given three minutes to pitch their narrative feature film project and will receive feedback on story and pitch. Story Campus is a travelling conversation on the nature and future of storytelling for the screen. Story Campus is facilitated by David Keating and David Pope who design and deliver conferences, labs and workshops for filmmakers facilitated by industry professionals. When booking for this session, please provide a short brief of 100 words on the project that you would like to pitch.

Creating an Online Profile Presented by Rocliffe - Please note: This session is now fully booked, please email to be added to the waiting list
Creating a better profile for yourself as a writer and using the internet to research opportunities.

Update: Sargent-Disc presents Real Time Solutions to Controlling Production Costs and Reporting
Controlling cost is crucial when managing a project. Meet John Sargent, Founder of Sargent-Disc, to find out how to increase reporting accuracy, simplify and speed up financial processes on production.


Filmmakers Forum Wrap Party hosted by Shutterstock 
(with a little love from BAFTA partners Grolsch)

18:00 - 19:00
End your busy day at the Sargent-Disc BAFTA Filmmakers Market with a well-earned drink (or two!) courtesy of Shutterstock and BAFTA partners Grolsch and Boothnation. Rub shoulders with the speakers and meet your fellow filmmakers from across the day.



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