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Workshop: Working with actors

09 March 12

Starts 20 March, 2012

"Working with Actors" is a 3-week workshop given by Stephen Bayly and is a short course for actors and directors, using the teachings of Stanford Meisner and others, in which actors and directors learn to collaborate to achieve dynamic and credible performances.

The course is divided into 3 x one-week modules, which can be taken one at a time.

Week One focuses on the fundamentals of Meisner technique, listening and repetition to forge connections, exploring emotional reserves, and analysis of film performances.

Week Two is about building a character organically, and 'personalising' the text.

Week Three covers scene analysis techniques for director and actor.

At a central Cardiff venue, TBC.

See: for details and testimonials from previous attendees.

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Discounts available.

Some funding available for Welsh residents within the Convergence area. Please enquire of Cathy Piquemal at GO Wales