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Tony Garnett: In Conversation

3 January 2012
Breaking the Rules with Tony Garnett.BAFTA

Watch the BAFTA Guru video of the producer of Kes, Cathy Come Home and This Life share his thoughts on the future of creativity in film and television.

From his early work with Ken Loach to TV shows This Life and Cops, Tony Garnett has produced some of the most forward-thinking dramas of our time. Spanning a forty-year career, his work remains fresh, innovative and, above all, challenging.

As a producer you miss a lot of the fun. But you do get the satisfaction of deciding 'what the hell are we talking about?'

In the full video, available in full on BAFTA Guru, he talks about putting working people on screen with Ken Loach, creating two seasons of This Life with writer Amy Jenkins and producing 'Trojan horse dramas' - the kind of shows that never got on television ("hidden inside what they wanted was what I wanted").

He discusses the need for a more cooperative and creative television industry - one that takes risks and encourages new creative talent. In a passionate final speech he champions the importance of storytelling in society.