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Investigating The Investigators: Ethical Dilemmas in TV Journalism

21 February 2012
Murdoch FINALCourtesy of Rex Features

Krishnan Guru-Murthy puts a series of hypothetical challenges to a panel of commissioners, producers and lawyers.

In the wake of the phone hacking scandal and the Leveson Inquiry, the culture, practices and ethics of the press have never been so boldly in the spotlight. Although the focus of recent revelations has been on the press, what does this all mean for broadcasters and programme makers? Can we sit back with our feet up reading our trusty copy of the Ofcom Code while tut-tutting at the tabloids being hauled over the coals by the select committee?

In this video, available to watch in full on BAFTA Guru, host Krishnan Guru-Murthy (C4 News) feeds the panel a series of hypothetical scenarios (which may or may not assist them), and with access to a programme lawyer who can offer advice, our panel of experienced commissioners, investigative journalists and producers are tasked with making some tough decisions in a race to get a programme to air, whilst having their editorial and ethical judgements questioned at every turn.

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The full length Investigating the Investigators video is available to watch now on BAFTA Guru.


  • Steve Boulton– Executive Producer, Steve Boulton Productions
  • Theo Dorizac– Lawyer, Channel 4
  • Karen Edwards– Executive Producer, October Films
  • Richard Sanders– Freelance Producer/Director
  • Siobhan Sinnerton– Commissioning Editor, News & Current Affairs, Channel 4
  • Jules Stenson– Former Associate Editor, Features, News of the World