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Recreating The Look: The Hour

6 May 2013
The Hour

Recreate the 50s look inspired by BAFTA-nominated TV show The Hour; with hair, make-up and fashion tips from BAFTA's official style partners.

The Hour

Critically-acclaimed BBC drama The Hour, is set behind the scenes of a 1950s current affairs programme and over the course of its first two series, the show has racked up seven BAFTA nominations.

The Hour is set during a time when the world was on the edge of dramatic change, with the first series set against the backdrop of the Suez crisis, and the second, a year later in 1957. The show's male protagonists are the brilliant but difficult reporter Freddie, played by Ben Wishaw and the charming and charismatic Hector Madden, played by Dominic West.

Designing The Hour by Eve Stewart

Production designer Eve Stewart won a BAFTA for her work on Les Miserables at the Film Awards in 2013. Here she describes the process of designing for Parade's End for which she received a BAFTA-nomination at the Television Craft Awards in 2013...

"As a designer, I have to admit to being an incredible anorak when it comes to research, even down to finding original 50s paint charts.

"What was great about Lime Grove is that we managed to get to the BBC archives and find not only a film about the whole new complex, the original plans and then find a short list of people who had worked there. This was probably the best resource and the most fascinating of course!


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"I ended up having tea with old lime grove production staff all over the south of England, hearing the stories about everything from what would be on the menu in the canteen for lunch to their memories of the colours and textures of the staff bar. What was even more amazing was that they all seemed to have a load of old original equipment from the studio floors in their garden sheds!

We managed to get one of the old cameramen from Lime Grove to bring all his stuff and actually then perform as the camera man on the floor of our new studios…we even got the old cameras working through our monitors!

"What was great as a project was then to set this clean new studio complex visually against the rest of the story and to represent the rather seedy underbelly of the late fifties world of politics, police corruption and the nightlife where deals were made. The biggest challenge was to squeeze an entire nightclub into the lobby of a building where we had already constructed our studio. It always seemed brilliant that one side of the red velvet nightclub doors where all the intrigue started was backed on the other side by grey boards and led straight onto our Lime Grove studios.

"If only Freddie had known!"


Recreate the Look

Here we recreate the look of the working-class Freddie, on Boy Meets Fashion blogger Jaime. Styling took place at London's Corinthia hotel where BAFTA's official style partners were on hand to bring Freddie's look to life.

Make-UpThe Hour: Make-Up

MAC’s Senior Artist Pablo Rodriguez gave Jaime's skin a light touch of natural make-up to matify and even out his skin tone.

He first applied Studio Moisture Fix (SPF 15) cream to soften the skin and then used MAC's Select Cover Up Concealer to eliminate dark circles around the eyes. To reduce any shine on the face, a Blot Pressed Powder Foundation was applied.

  • Blot Powder - £20.00
  • Studio Moisture Fix - £21.50

The Hour: Make-Up

The Hour: Clothes


Styling was looked after by House of Fraser, official menswear and womenswear partner to the BAFTA Television Awards. To create Freddie's 1950s reporter look, they used a selection of pieces from various fashion lines available in the store.

These included a pair of Dune tan loafers, a red satin polka-dot tie by New and Lingwood, a lovely knitted fair isle tank top by Howick and a pair of grey flannel trousers from New & Lingwood.

(Available Autumn 2013)

The Hour: Final look

Read Jaime's blog about the experience:

My style makeover with BAFTA at the Corinthia Hotel >

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